Advertising Your Business Within A Shoestring Budget

It is a common misconception that advertising your small business will cost an enormous amount of money. The cost deters a lot of small home-based businesses from advertising. This leads to slower growth, as not many customers are aware of the enterprise. Keep a small budget and spend it wisely on some low-cost advertising methods.

Low cost advertising:

oWord of mouth - A good product and a happy customer is your best bet for informing others of your business and contact number.

oBusiness cards - Get some attractive business cards made. Hand them to people when networking on any occasion, socially or professionally.

oPress releases - Send in an interesting, informative and inspiring business story to local publications, aiming at their core readership. Many business editors will be happy to run it. Cultivate friendship with local press reporters. Add your contact details at the end of an informative article on your small business, for reporters or other people to get in touch with you.

oNon-prime time radio/TV ads - Check your local radio or television rates for non-primetime hours. Run your advertisement in those hours to catch public interest.

Effective marketing on a shoestring budget:

Expand your client base and spread word of your services by resorting to some cheap but effective marketing tactics.

oTalk to your clients. Talk to existing customers and assess their perceptions. Invite a few clients for a phone interview to make them aware of your business, its aim, product/service, value of the work, and its importance. Compile the information to discover trends and themes. Rectify any changes; send the compiled information along with a thank-you note to participating customers. This will help in making your business at par with customers' needs in the initial stages.

oCreatively packaged marketing - Pay attention to details and make imaginative marketing campaigns to have more impact.

oPublicity - Do your own PR to spark public interest. Create a news page on your website and add your marketing kit to send to clients. Send information interestingly in your newsletter.

oLeverage existing relationships - Build relationships and always be on the lookout for improving networking as a valuable marketing tool. Create credibility and trust in your product for people to refer to your business.

oE-mail marketing - It is a very flexible, easy, high-impact and cost-effective marketing medium. Develop appropriate messages reflecting your brand by using information to catch the eye quickly for response. List your company URL on business and personal checks.

oAll company material - List your URL on letterheads, business cards, notes, brochures, and newsletters of your company.

oYellow pages - Mention your business along with URL in Yellow pages.

oSponsor contests - Your chance to build good will and name recognition by funding local school or college events.

Use various means to advertise your business locally on a shoestring budget to reach out to prospective clients. Keep in touch with your local chamber of commerce to reach out to more people. Distribute freebies to target audience to build your small business. 

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