Auto Insurance Discounts - What Are the Most Common Auto Insurance Discounts Offered?

Q: I was wondering what common auto insurance discounts are available to the general public. Is there a list posted somewhere?

A: You are in luck. We will post a list of common auto insurance discounts below. Keep in mind that these discounts are a general overview and you should contact each company individually to see if they offer them. They will also vary from state to state.

Common auto insurance discounts include:

*Multiple car discounts
*Low annual mileage discounts
*Discounts for using public transportation
*Safe driver discounts
*Good student discounts
*Group discounts offered through employers or clubs
*Discounts for automatic safety restraint systems in cars
*Anti-theft device discounts
*Accident forgiveness program (While not a discount per se, you should see if the company offers it as this could wind up being the biggest discount of them all)

The most effective way to lower your auto insurance premiums is to drive safely. One moving violation can be enough to raise your premiums.

There may be other programs offered by many companies that we are not aware of so don't hesitate to contact the company and ask them what you may qualify for. Saving money on auto insurance coverage isn't difficult, it just takes a little bit of checking around so that you have other quotes to compare.

We hope this answered your question about auto insurance discounts and encourage you to write again if you have further questions.

We also strongly recommend that you obtain quotes from multiple auto insurance providers online. This will ensure that you receive the best coverage for your automobile at the cheapest price.

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