Low Mileage Car Insurance Discounts

Are Low Mileage Auto Insurance Discounts Real?

I have seen a lot of ads for insurance quote websites which mention that some drivers, who do not drive very much, may actually be entitled to a discount. As a person who usually works out of a home office, myself, I was interested to see if these claims were legitimate. I did not see anything about this only own policy, but I was not sure if I had even mentioned I did not drive a lot when I took out my policy.

I also know a lot of people, bus commuters, soccer moms and Sunday drivers, who own vehicles, but do not use them very much. A lot of people I knew had begun to work at home like I did. If this claim was true, it would be a good tip to pass on to them. This claim looked worth examining.

Some Insurers Have Programs for Low Mileage Drivers

Some of the top insurers do offer programs for drivers who do not log a lot of miles. These discounts, according to my research, can range from 10% to 18%. Since my own family policy costs me about $200 a month, even a 10% savings would mean that I could pay $240 less a year. Saving a couple of hundred dollars every year seemed worth investigating.

The actual discounts vary by insurer, individual insured people, and the location they live in. If you think you would qualify for a program like this, ask your insurer. If they do not offer price breaks for drivers who do not drive a lot, consider shopping around for a better deal with another top insurance company. All insurers are not the same, and your final choice will depend upon other discounts you may be entitled to, the insurers in your local area, and the rate structures of the companies.

Would You Let Your Insurer Monitor You Electronically?

Another well known company has an innovative program. They actually ask customers to install a device in their car that monitors several variables about their typical driving habits. This includes the amount of driving a person does. It also monitors the speed of the car, the way it is stopped and started, etc. By using this device, a customer of this company may sacrifice some privacy. But they could gain a substantial discount for being, not only, a low mileage driver, but also a safe driver. If you do not mind having your insurer know your driving habits, this program may be something to try if you want to save money.

Another Car Insurance Discount You May Not Know About

Large insurance companies have also started another discount program that many people may not know about. Hybrid or "green" cars can earn a price break for their owners. Why? This does not mean that the hybrid vehicles are safer. The insurers say that the type of person who purchases a hybrid vehicle just tends to be a good risk to cover. Insurance companies figure that socially responsible people are likely to be personally responsible people.

Do you drive less than average people do?

Find out if you are entitled to low mileage car insurance discounts.

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