Bill Cullen - Making a Cash Fortune in Ireland Today!

Bill Cullen is the author of Golden Apples, and the host of the Irish Apprentice, the Irish version of the original US Apprentice TV show fronted by Donald Trump. Bill is a living legend in the Irish business community, and his no nonsense, dead pan business style is ideal both for the TV show and for dealing with a recession.

If Bill Cullen were just starting today, where do you think he'd focus his attention. Simple, his focus would be where its always been and that's on making money.

This means making sales, yes selling stuff. No matter what peoples attitudes are to sales, and some peoples attitudes are pretty bad, selling stuff is pretty much the only way to make real money. Some see it as a low level occupation that is beneath them, and turn up their nose when they hear the word "salesman" or "sales."

They may think that they're too wealthy or sophisticated to make sales, when little do they know that their absolute survival utterly depends on it. Either they're doing it and calling it something else, or someone else is doing it for them, and supporting them.

Fact of the matter is if you're really interested in making a lot of money,then you better get interested in making sales, and get good at it. Bill Cullen is.

Bill flys around Ireland in his helicopter, despite being raised in pretty meager economic conditions. He's a grafter, and if you've ever watched the "The Irish Apprentice" you'll know that he's the guy who's going to get the job done - no excuses, no waffle - just results.

Another thing about Bill is that hes restless, he wants to know what's going to happen next all the time. He's not going to wait for some youngster to come along with a little bit of technology and blow his lights out. Bill's here for the long term, and that means finding out right now what technology is coming and how it can best be used to bullet proof his businesses or cash machines and take them to the next level.

Becoming wealthy depends on a number of different aspects coming together in the right way. Making sales makes you money. To make the big numbers though, you need to add those extra elements including a sales system. Making each any every sale yourself manually or individually is not the right answer.

Big business, and big numbers involve Leverage, as Robert Kiyosaki shares in his business bestseller, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." This either means people or systems working for you. When you put together a business model that consistently makes more money than it costs to run it, now you have a real business, and when you extract yourself from the loop, then you can do it again.

In a nutshell, there are two business systems that you must master to make the transition to a wealthy and successful business person. Marketing and Sales, marketing creates the opportunity for you to make the sale, which in turn allows you to ask for the money. Job done! 

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