Business Checks - How to Use Them As an Additional Branding Tool

When you order business checks, the marketing strategy for your small business is probably the last thing on your mind. But if you are truly a resourceful entrepreneur, you'll recognize the value in turning your checks into an effective marketing tool.

Branding should be an important part of any marketing strategy. It makes potential customers more likely to think of you and ultimately choose your company's products and services. Any time you can get your company's name and basic message out into the public - it is a smart move.

When you decided to get business cards for yourself and your employees - you probably spent at least a little bit of time thinking about how they would look and what you want printed on them. Business checks can essentially do the same thing for your organization as business cards - but they may get an even closer look.

How many times have you been handed a business card and stuffed in your pocket or purse only to never see it again? It gets lost in the abyss or goes through the laundry and comes out in a gunky ball of wasted marketing efforts.

That's not what happens to business checks.

Checks are given special care and handling. After all, they are actually worth something.

More people will look at a single business check than a single business card. Let's say you pay someone for consulting services at your small business. That person will most likely bring it to his manager or the owner of the company. The manager will pass it on to the accounting department, and it will eventually end up at a bank where employees there will look at it as well.

That's why you can seize the opportunity to use your checks as a marketing tool. Here's how to do it.

1. Add Your Logo

When you order checks online, most companies give you the option of adding a logo to your business checks. You can choose form generic logos or send your own to have them printed on your new checks.

This will most likely cost you a little bit more money, but remember, you are turning these checks into a branding tool. Adding a logo could be the most powerful way to brand your business using checks.
Your logo is something that potential customers identify with your company.

2. Use the Imprint to Your Advantage

The imprint on business checks is the same as the personal information found in the upper right-hand corner of personal checks. It's typically where you'd find the name and address.

However, most online check printers allow you to add as many as five lines on your business checks. Why not include your website, toll-free number, or even a short catchy slogan? This added effort can only help you with branding.

 3. Color Coordinate with Your Company

When you order business checks online, you'll have a choice of colors. This is yet another opportunity to increase brand awareness. Choosing colors that match other marketing materials for your business can help improve brand awareness even more.

Another effective ideas is using personal checks for your business. By doing so, you can select certain designs that reflect the kind of company you run. 

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