Cash Today Payday Loan

Is there such a thing as a cash today payday loan? Is it true that I can get a loan the same day I apply? Yes. Is the simple answer to these two questions. Later in this article, you will know more about this loan and why it is becoming a preferable option for those seeking funding.

What is a cash today payday loan?

A cash today payday loan is a loan that extends money to a borrower, on the same day that they are approved. It is a great option for those with bad credit who need money quickly.

How fast will I have funds sent to my account, once my application is approved?

You can expect to have cash sent to your account, within about two hours after approval. This is the standard procedure for these types of loans.

Can I get this loan if I have a felony?

Yes. You can get this loan if you have a felony, but you will need to explain the nature of your offense to the loan agency directly by phone. As long as it is not to serious, you will be able to get funding.

How much money can I get from this loan?

Cash today payday loan companies will allow you to borrow up to $1,500. If this is not enough, you can contact the loan agency and they will work out a way for you to get a higher amount.

Can I get this loan in Hawaii and Alaska?

Yes. Even though these states are outside the mainland, you still can apply. 

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