Cheap Exclusive Mortgage Leads

Many mortgage lead providing companies advertise some leads as `Free Leads' in their websites. In effect, these leads are Cheap Leads. When a Borrower fills in the `Request for Mortgage Loan' Form, the Lead Provider forwards these to the Mortgage Broker or the Lender's loan officer. Even if they are Cheap Leads, the latter tries to handle them. This is because the broker or the loan officer would receive commission and gain benefits by processing the leads successfully. When such Leads are handled by one Lead per loan officer or broker, they are known as Cheap Exclusive Mortgage Leads.

A Cheap Mortgage Lead includes all basic details about a mortgage, such as information about any existing loan, credit profile and so forth. A Cheap Mortgage Lead usually provides a free accessible account to the Broker or the loan officer. Some Mortgage companies charge for every lead that is accessed, and others charge for only those leads that are contracted over a period of time.

Lead Providers or Mortgage Marketing Firms verify Cheap Mortgage Leads before making them available to the broker or the loan officer. Cheap mortgage leads usually take 24 hours from the time the Borrower fills the details, to the time the lead reaches the destination via the Lender. This time includes the time taken by the intermediary to verify the details.

Cheap Mortgage Leads usually include a return policy. That is, if any lead is unsatisfactory, it is replaced free of charge by the Lead Provider or the Mortgage Lead Marketing Company. Many Mortgage Marketing Companies also provide a toll-free customer care number and an email address to the Borrowers as well as Brokers and Loan Officers, if they have any questions concerning these Cheap Mortgage Leads.

An important point to note about Cheap Mortgage Leads is that here, mortgage brokers and loan officers are given an option to choose cheap mortgage leads from a collection of many leads. They can access real time leads, or `cherry pick'. A real time lead is the lead that is forwarded to the broker as soon as it is received by the Lead Provider, whereas a cherry-pick lead is one that can be `picked' and chosen by the broker or the loan officer from amongst many Leads.

Accuracy and the source of the Lead are very important to consider in Cheap Exclusive Mortgage Leads. 

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