Cheap Personal Checks

There is nothing more satisfying than ordering a personal, customized check. The satisfaction multiplies when you know that you have obtained an extremely good deal. Personal checks are often far more economical, especially when ordered online.

Banks obtain their checks from national printers, so they cost more. When you order online, you are ordering directly from the manufacturer, therefore saving money.

Many companies can produce specially designed checks at a lower cost than the plain ones because they supply the checks directly to you and there is no middleman involved. Checks from the bank are costlier because the prices they charge are designed to make a profit for the bank and the printer they order from. So the prices are marked up twice over.

The most important strategy to obtain inexpensive personal checks is to watch for special offers, like buying a box of 150 single checks for $  or $  and getting a second box for just 95. The greater the number of checks you order, the greater the discount available. So, if you get 250 checks with 50 free for $ , by ordering 2,000 checks from the same company at one time, you will get 500 free checks for $ , bringing the price from 12 per check to 6 per check. This kind of offer will often come with the option of having your own custom logo printed on the check for free, as compared to the regular printing charge of $ . Most companies print and ship orders within three to five business days. At an extra minimal cost, same day processing and shipping is also available.

So if you are considering ordering personal checks, be sure to check out all discounts available online to ensure you are getting value for your money. 

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