Creating Customized Business Checks - The Information You Need

Business checks can be reflective of a company or organization, and because of this, a business should have customized checks displaying their name and a logo. Various printing services for business stationery and forms offer custom business checks, but when creating any type of check with a printing company, the important aspect is that the checks, regardless of what they look like, are compatible with all major banks. As the customized checks will need to be used with your bank account instead of bank-issued checks, the business checks should be designed with all of the standard information for your bank account.

The first thing when designing custom business checks is to have an account for your business. If a bank account isn't set up already, the printer won't be able to create checks with accurate information. If you already have a bank account, you should give the printer all general information for a check. This includes not only the name and address of your business but all account information. More specifically, this includes the bank name, address, routing number, account number, and fractional numbers. In addition, if you want your checks, either for payroll or other uses, to be numbered after a certain point, this, too, should be specified to the printer.

As soon as the basic information for creating a check has been established, the actual customization can start. Many printers of business stationery give you options for designing a set of company checks, and this ranges from solid and patterned backgrounds to your company logo displayed in the background. For the latter, printing services online will take a high-quality image of your company logo through their website or by email. As this image will be seen on your check by all employees and those involved in financial transactions with your company, the logo should be of the best quality.

When designing a set of business checks, these options are available for both computer and manual checks. This includes designing computer checks that are not only compatible with your bank but also with any payroll or accounting programs like Quicken or Quick Books.