Customize Your Own Checks Easily Online

Moving money from one place to the next, especially when paying bills, is not exactly fun. So why not add a little style to the process? Gone are the days of boring blue and tan checks from the bank in the plastic checkbook covers. Now, you can go online, personalize your checks, and start showing the world what great style you have!

Banks issue basic checks so we can access the funds in our accounts without having to carry a wad of cash around. And while those are functional, they are, to be frank, boring! While years ago, simply having checks was a sign of affluence and was representative of our lifestyle, today everyone has a checking account and the associated checks. These days you can personalize everything - license plates, address labels and stationery, even credit cards. With all the interests we all have, why can't those be exemplified on our checks? And the answer to that is - we can!

There are banks that offer a custom check but their design capabilities are very limited. There are always fliers in the newspaper that offer "designer" checks, but due to cost, the choices there are not much better than what the bank offers. The choices you now have due to the internet and companies opening up their possibilities in custom printing are infinite.

Whether you want to show your love of sports with checks emblazoned with the logos of your favorite football, baseball or basketball team, or you want to show off your favorite animals, or even if you want to simply have a set of checks that fit the "theme" of your life, like flowers or strawberries, almost any design you can think of is available online. Several companies will allow you to add your company logo as part of the header on the check or as a watermark. You are even able to upload your own artwork or photos which will make the check as much of an individual as you are.

We want our homes and our cars and even our computers to reflect what we like in life, and having our checks be yet another avenue that shows our unique individual style is now as simple as surfing to a website and clicking a few buttons. Show the world who you are. Design your very own custom checks today! 

Design is a great passion for coffee shop owner Vickie Lexom. From the art she chooses to her personal checks, she loves expressing her style. Current Catalog helps her to do that by offering great low prices on checks and a huge selection of designs to choose from. To express your personal style in checks, stationery, and more, think Current Catalog! 

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