Earn by Writing Articles - The Easy Way to Extra Cash Today!


Article Writing is fast becoming a popular way for people to use their computer, the internet, and basic writing skills to earn extra money for themselves and their families. 
The great thing about being able to earn by writing articles is that you do not need to spend any money to get started, unlike pay per click advertising. 
You simply create an article and the people who read it can earn you money by clicking on certain links (I'll explain this in a bit).

Pay Per Click Advertising As An Alternative - The Problem

Another popular method to earn money is through Pay Per Click Advertising. Basically, if you do a search in a search engine, for example Google, you will see a number of results listed in the main part of the page. However, on the left hand side of the page are a number of adverts. If you wanted to you could pay to have your own advert shown down the right hand side of the page along with the other adverts. You would determine which keywords would need to be searched for to make your advert show up. The way in which you pay for your advert is each time someone clicks on it.

In theory this means that you would only be paying for your advert each time someone shows an interest in what is advertised and goes to your site, hopefully with the intention of buying what you are selling.

However, the problem with this is that you cannot guarantee that people will buy each and every time they click. In fact it can take hundreds of clicks before you get a single sale. Therefore, pay per click advertising can be very costly!

Why I Prefer Article Writing

Very simply Article Writing is FREE! 
People read your article click on your link, if they want to, and are taken to your website all at no cost to you whatsoever.

How Do I Earn Writing Articles?

The money you will earn is from other people selling products. By sending traffic to their sales pages, and them buying their products, you can earn money. This is because the sellers allow you to take a percentage of the profit because you sent the buyer to them.

Which Sellers Allow Me To Earn Money When They Sell?

My favourite site is Clickbank. Take a look at   and you will see thousands of products being sold. These are all instantly downloadable products and therefore very easy for a buyer to obtain.

Details are given as to how much of the sale price you will get for sending a buyer to a seller. Often this will be as much as 50% to 75%. In fact the actual amount you can earn ranges from $5 to $100. This is each time a product is bought by someone that you sent to them.

You simply obtain a link that has a special code contained within it. This is called an affiliate link. This link directs people to the seller's website which tells the seller that it was you that sent them there. Therefore, if and when that person buys the product you will get the specified percentage of the sale price.

How Do I Use These Special Links?

What you therefore do is write your article and include in it the special link. However, there are many article sites that do not allow you to include these affiliate links. Therefore, you must instead link to a different website which does allow affiliate links to be included. It does not matter if you do not have your own website. For example, you can send people to a   site that you have created which contains your affiliate link.

Once at your other site the person can then click on the affiliate link to be taken to the sellers page. If they buy the product you will earn money.

To Conclude: 
You will see that this article simply scratches the surface of how to earn writing articles. There is much to learn but it can be very easy to get started and hopefully this has got you eager to get started. To learn more see the link below. 

Details of a STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE of how to make money writing articles can be found here.

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