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The internet is packed with clever ways to earn money to put toward your savings, paying off bills or debt, or some emergency life may throw at you. Just this fact alone, has led many to the doors of the internet in search of quick cash. This, however, leads the ordinary internet user into a dilemma. The dilemma of choice!

Each day, millions flock to the internet and face this same question over and over: "Which method, system or technique should i use to earn quick cash today?" If you are one of these people, then this article is for you! I will show you what you need to know and consider before you can start so that your success is guaranteed. As a side note, please be mindful that the methods i show you are for individuals who want quick cash TODAY. If you're looking at earning slowly and building up and income stream, the information nevertheless be useful and informative.

Even before you can actually choose a method to earn quick cash online, you will need to ask yourself these questions:

1. Which methods/systems/software/techniques work? 
2. How quickly do i want to see returns? 
3. How secure are transactions online? 
4. How complete is the method/system/software/technique? 
5. How much work am i willing to do?

These 5 questions will put you on the road to success, in the way YOU want. I say that because there are MANY roads to success, but not particularly the kinds of success you yourself want. The questions above will help you guarantee success, in the way you yourself will want. I break them down here:

1. Which methods/systems/software/techniques work?

This is a very important question to ask yourself. We ALL only want stuff that works. Period. This is especially true because most systems of earning money online are not given to you free, and rightfully so! The person selling you the system charges you some kind of fee to limit the number of people getting in on the system and making a little bit of money for a product that will make you a lot of money. That's fair. HOWEVER, this order of things alone has led many scam artists online to try to trick you into believing their stuff works and selling you crap. Here's how you tell if something's a scam or isn't all that good:

A) They have little or no testimonials - testimonials are by real human beings. They can't be faked. The more the better.

B) They have no reviews, or PLENTY of really bad ones - I highlight 'plenty' because there's the occasional critic who just can never be pleased or has failed at everything and so is just plain doubtful of anything.

C) They don't offer you 'Money Back Guarantees - This one's a no-brainer.

There is one more sign which I cover later here.

2. How quickly do you want to see returns?

This question helps you sift out stuff that takes time to build or implement. If you're looking to earn quick cash today you can avoid stuff that will earn you money only in a week or two or more. This also helps you plan what needs to be done if you're looking for income building.

3. How secure are transactions online?

This is another litmus test of a scam! ALWAYS use PayPal! And, only buy from vendors who allow you to use PayPal. It's safe and secure and looks out for your interest like an internet Criminal Investigator, literally! I've been in situations where i bought 'scammy' stuff and was stuck. A simple appeal later and i got all my money back after they conducted a neutral investigation. There are no questions, they just weigh the facts to see and determine right and wrong. Plain and simple. There are a million other reasons to use Paypal, but this is a major one.

4. How complete is the money making product?

This is especially true of systems and software. Some cunning vendors sell you bits and pieces of a system, information or software. What you end up doing is buying more and more stuff before you ever start earning. Don't fall for it! Get yourself the full deal because it exists and will save you money and start you earning quick cash immediately.

5. How much work am i willing to do?

Most products will tell you how much work needs to be done (mostly true for techniques and jobs online) or if it is only initial work and then later works on auto pilot (mostly true for systems of money making online) or if the stuff works on auto immediately (mostly true for online money making software)

I close with a final piece of advice:

**Look out for systems that have been making money for years, even BEFORE the internet.**

These have a proven track record. Things like stocks trading, Forex trading (currency trading), MLM (be careful on this though), advertising and so on that have now made a presence on the internet. The reason for this is because they have a proven track record of making money for people and have been and will continue to make people money for years more to come. Combined with the internet, they become even easier and quicker to earn quick cash today. 

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