Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads - How Valuable?

Exclusivity Makes Medicare Supplement Leads Worthwhile

As a seniors' insurance agent, your business growth may depend upon new Medicare supplement leads. Therefore, the quality of your Medicare leads is of vital importance. Common sense dictates that agents would like to have fresh leads where the chances of closing a sale are the highest.

So what is the single most important factor you should look for when evaluating Medicare supplement leads?One word - Exclusivity. While there are many different attributes you should consider, it is best to not spend too much time negotiating with a company that does not guarantee exclusivity in your selected territory.

Exclusivity means that you alone are given Medicare supplement leads within your chosen territory by your provider. Your provider guarantees that the leads list they have developed for your territory will not be given out to anyone else. So if you call on someone, you can rest assured that another agent from the same provider would not also be contacting the same prospect.

But remember, there are multiple Medicare supplement leads providers, all covering the same territories and geographies. So, for sure there will be other agents scouring your territory with their own lead lists. It is also likely that an agent from another provider speaks to some of the same Medicare leads as you, but that is the nature of the free market we live in where individuals and seniors have the freedom to choose after talking to multiple agents. Think of this as you talking to different companies before you buy your auto insurance.

Exclusivity Benefits

Exclusivity means higher sales and profits for you. When you buy exclusive Medicare supplement leads, there are fewer agents calling on the same prospects and your chances of winning a sale are higher. The prospect too is happier because he does not get fed up with multiple agents calling him, and entertains each agent with interest. As a result, you too can spend more time with each client trying to close the sale, as opposed to rushing from prospect to prospect in desperation.

Exclusivity means less competition. Let us assume you bought Medicare supplement leads without exclusivity. Then, your Medicare supplement leads provider could sell the exact same list to other agents, and let the agents fight it out in the field. And in many instances, this is exactly what happens because some agents are wary of paying a little extra for exclusivity and are then frustrated that multiple agents are calling on the same prospect. As a result, each agent who buys a non-exclusive list ends up selling less and making less money, in a vicious losing cycle.

Exclusivity indicates that your provider is ethical. It is always better to deal with an ethical Medicare supplement leads provider who is interested in nurturing its relationship with you, is keen to see you succeed, and supports you with training, marketing collateral, etc. When you have an ethical organization backing you up in your daily quest, you will have more energy to successfully close sales. On the flip side, a lone wolf armed merely with non-exclusive Medicare supplement leads will tire easily and do himself a disservice.

Exclusivity improves your growth prospects. If you develop an exclusive relationship with an ethical Medicare supplement leads provider, you can focus on your territory and nurture your clients. Word of mouth matters a lot in the insurance business. We all seek referrals from friends and family. So, if you spend time getting to know clients in your area, serve their needs well and become a part of their community, there is a good chance they will recommend you to friends and neighbors and help you grow a stable set of clients.

Smart and successful agents do not spread themselves thin across too large a territory. Instead, they realize the benefits of exclusive Medicare supplement leads and focus on establishing a reputable, profitable and growing franchise in a territory of their choice.

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