Find Cheap Checks Online Easily

Finding cheap checks, whether business or personal is easily done online. Not only are there literally hundreds of suppliers, the designs are almost limitless. These images can either be custom-designed according to the customer's specifications or selected from the printer's pre-designed templates.

Whether ordering financial documents for professional or personal use, certain procedures should be followed. Following these procedures will ensure that your order is secure and you get exactly what you want. The process is quite simple when online printers are used.

One of the beautiful things about ordering cheap checks online is that unlike those obtained through a financial institution, they can be personalized. Most online printers offer numerous designs and they run the gauntlet from the serious to the mildly ridiculous.

Popular designs include nature scenes, animals, family members, especially children, and patriotic themes. While many printers have a wide selection of images, many customers opt to use their own. This presents a great opportunity for companies or freelancers to market their products and services on the cheap.

Why and How to Order Payroll Checks

A lot of businesses pay their employees using payroll checks. This can become quite costly depending on the number of persons employed and the frequency of payments. The availability of these products online means this cost can be greatly reduced.

These instruments can serve as a record of payment made for work done in the event of a dispute. They are also a convenient way of managing a business account instead of making payments from a personal account.

Security Features and Cheap Checks

Whether or not the checks are used for payroll, security features are important. This is important not only for users' safety, but also as an industry standard. Good printers are familiar with all the security requirements and they follow them. If a printer cannot guarantee adherence to these industry standards for your security do not do business with them.

Some of the most common security features on financial documents of all kinds including payroll checks include:

* Watermarks: There are different types of watermarks on cheap checks as well as those from banks, but they all serve the same purpose of stopping forgers.

* Micro printing as the name implies means using tiny prints that will not photocopy or scan correctly. Depending on the printer, when photocopied the micro prints will become blurred or the letters will be separated.

*Use of chemical reactive paper: the paper will react to any attempt to erase information on the check by changing color.

* Ultra light sensitive paper cause the documents to glow when held under ultra violet light. Copies that are made will not glow when viewed in this way.

* A padlock symbol: This is an indication to a financial institution such as a bank or credit union that the document has security features ingrained. This is normally found to the right of the word 'dollars' on most checks.

There are some companies that go beyond industry standards to ensure that their customer's security is protected. This is no cause for concern as financial institutions will not dishonor these instruments. After all, these security features serve to minimize fraud by distinguishing originals from copies.

Many instruments carry a listing of the features used on the back. It is important to know that not all of these instruments will have all the same features.

Cheap checks are a great deal and do all the same things as those issued by banks. Once attention is paid to online safety and due diligence is taken to evaluate printing companies, there should be no problem. 

Brian Greenberg is a cost conscience consumer advocate. Learn how to save money with cheap checks and payroll checks here. 

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