Free Mortgage Leads Scam

In today's environment of information it seems people have become human lie detector test. It's true wehaveall been callused by the gimmicks and scams that are all around   are on TV, radio and even the roadways are full of ads marketing their own form of the oldbait and switch. Buy one get one free, free wristwatch with purchase and eventhe classic free steak, which normally applies onlyif you can eat your weight red meat. It's no wonder this scum has worked it's way into the mortgage leads industry as well. Almost every lead provider is offering freemortgage leads to reel unsuspecting customers in the door while they hit them over the head with atwo thousand dollar invoice.

If there is one place where free anything should be offered it's themortgage leads industry and the reason why is because it is so hard to find a good lead source that you can trust spending money with and free mortgage leads would take the risk out. There have been an influx of lead companies praying on the mortgage industry like vultures circling a dying animal. They know that mortgage brokers need leads and they need them fast to survive this downturn. Most mortgage brokers know this and have dedicated abudget to invest in quality mortgageleads but with a one-out of-ten shot of finding agood company they could deplete their budget quickly and be left with no deals closing that monthand their thumbin their   being said, offeringfree mortgage leads might be a good way to pick up a newcustomerand if they arehappy with the quality theymight just stick around and increase their order next time. Bottom line is the mortgage broker takes a big risk because not only can he loose valuable marketing money but have to float expenses due to no loans being funded as a result of a bad purchase.

Free Mortgage Lead Providers

The problemfor the leadprovider is that generating mortgage leadsis not free at all and rather a quite expensive process. Quality mortgage leads have become much more difficult to generate due to the laws of probability. It's simply like squeezing blood from a rock. It would take a page and a half to break down all the numbers so I'll just explain it by saying thatthere is only a small percentageof people left in America that have good a enough financial standingand stillcan benefitfrom refinancing their home. You can see how offering free mortgage leads to the public with no return could would be unattainable. No one is in the business to give free stuff away and if they were they wouldn't last long.

There is a solution. Some companies have starting offering the trulyfree mortgage lead on a trial basis to let people try before they buy. Thisputs the burden of proof square in the lap of themortgage lead provider. Some companies have become selective of just who they will give free mortgage leads to as they want to make sure it is a serious potential client and not just someone trying to get free leads. This being said, a mortgage office that needs more than100 leads a month or onewith 5 or more loan officersthat would be alarge enough firm to have a dedicated marketing budget. 

if you or your company fits this description, this is where you can find more information about free mortgage leads

Zachary Williamson is the Director of Business Development for The Lead Tree, LLC and works directly with potential customers offering free mortgage leads to qualified mortgage brokers looking to find a new source of leads. 

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