Ha Noi Vietnam Cultural Travel Bat Trang Village Festival

Bat Trang Village Festival

Time: From the 14th to the 16th day of the second lunar month.
Place: Bat Trang Communal House, Bat Trang Commune, Gia Lam District, Hanoi.
Objects of worship: Han Cao To and Lu Hau, Cai O Minh Chinh Tu Royal Highest, top-ranking general Phan, Ho Quoc Genie, Bach Ma Genie.
Characteristics: Water procession, ancestral tablet washing, contest of composing ca tru song to sing on the worshipping ceremony.


Bat Trang Village is famous for pottery. The village is located near the bank of the river, includes sacred communal house, pagoda, temple, shrine. The village festival involves water procession, ancestral tablet washing, a procession of ancestral tablet to the communal house to worship. The offering to the village's tutelary god is a barbecued young fat buffalo. They put the whole buffalo on the large table with six big feasts and four trays of steamed glutinous rice. After worshipping, the offerings are shared out for every family.