Ha Noi Vietnam Cultural Travel Chem Temple Festival

Chem Temple Festival

Time: 14th to the 16th day of the fourth lunar month.
Place: Thuy Phuong Commune, Tu Liem District, Hanoi.
Objects of worship: Ly Ong Trong and his wife - Princess Bach Tinh.
Characteristics: Water procession on river, releasing pigeons.


Chem Temple is situated 12km from the center of Hanoi. Chem Temple Festival is a big festival in the area of former Hanoi only after Co Loa and Dong festivals. It involves: water procession consists of 3 dragon boats on the Hong River, votive paper procession, moc duc ceremony (god's statue washing), royal order procession, worshipping Buddha and traditional folk games: tug-of-war, kite flying, pigeons releasing, trai racing between villages in the region.