Ha Noi Vietnam Cultural Travel Phu Do Village Festival

Phu Do Village Festival

Time: 6th to the 8th day of the first lunar month. The main festival day is on the 7th day.
Place: Phu Do Hamlet, Me Tri Commune, Tu Liem District, Hanoi.
Objects of worship: Ly Thien Bao (blood elder brother of Ly Nam De), Dinh Du and Man Hoa Duong (the founders of ca trù singing), Lady An (queen of Ly Anh Tong King) and lady Phuong (imperial concubine of Ly Anh Tong King), Ho Nguyen Tho (founder of the making vermicelli (bún)).
Characteristics: The village's tutelary god worshipping, offerring food tray of bún, contest of making bún,cheo (popular opera) singing.