Ha Noi Vietnam Cultural Travel Thi Cam Rice-cooking Contest

Thi Cam Rice-cooking Contest

Time: 8th day of the first lunar month.

Place: Hoe Thi Hamlet, Xuan Phuong Commune, Tu Liem District, Hanoi.

Objects of worship: Phan Tay Nhac.

Characteristics: The contest comprises various episodes: water fetching contest, fire making contest and rice - cooking contest.

Phan Tay Nhac was the General of the 18th Hung King. He was in Thi Cam Village. He usually organized contest of cooking rice to select the people who were good at army ordnance while drilling soldiers. When he died villagers honour him as the village's tutelary god. Every year, the festival of rice cooking contest is organized to recall the old tale.

The competitors have to husk rice, fetch water, make fire, and cook rice by straw. The time for contest is finished when an incense stick burned out. Those giap (a part of the village) which finish first, has the best and the most white rice will win the first prize.