Ha Noi Vietnam Cultural Travel Voi Phuc Temple Festival

Voi Phuc Temple Festival

Time: The 9th to the 11th day of the second lunar month.
Place: Ngoc Khanh Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.
Objects of worship: Linh Lang Royal Highest - the God defends the West (the son of Ly Thanh Tong).
Characteristics: The contest of lifting stone to select strong man.


Voi Phuc Temple Festival is the common festive day of the whole village, the whole district so that it is very crowed and only held every five-year.

This is a grand procession festival with flags, fans, gongs, drums, parasols, bat am (cantanets) musical band and senh tien group dancing. On the lake dragon boat moves around. Cultural activities take place during 3 days such as reciting poem, exhibiting pictures and poem in Han script (calligraphy), quan ho singing, chess playing...