High Yield Investing - Get Big Profit From Investing in Seeds and Selling Plants

When you are thinking of high yield investing, you are not necessarily talking about making investments in the stock market or with financial institutions. Any investment that gives a return of large profits would be high yield investing.

Consider for instance seeds and plants. If you are able to purchase a bag of seeds containing one hundred and fifty seeds for twenty dollars and you plant and grow the seeds. Once they are large enough you can transplant the seeds into pots that hold one plant each. If all one hundred and fifty seeds were planted and grew and were able to be transplanted, you can sell those plants. Depending on what type of plant you have, you may be able to sell the plants for five dollars each. You would receive seven hundred and fifty dollars minus the initial investment of twenty dollars. This would be considered high yield investing because you made a profit of seven hundred and thirty dollars.

Of course if you are dealing with seeds, the profit you reap from your high yield investing will depend on what type of seeds you are dealing with and how much demand you have for the finished plant. It will also depend on how well your seeds germinate and whether or not they damp off prior to time to repot the seedling.

Any high yield investing you do has a certain amount of risk. And you would naturally have to weigh that also. You will need to evaluate how difficult the procedure will be and whether or not you have a market for your product. 

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