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The key to amassing great wealth and building sustainable profits is to identify the big picture trends, position yourself to capitalize, and then ride the wave all the way to the top. Right now agriculture is making a major move. Learn to use this information to make millions.

My billionaire mentor has been telling me to get into agriculture for some time. The recent fascination with using corn to produce ethanol has increased the plantings of corn. This has been at the expense of other grains such as soybeans and wheat.

The  . is looking for a solution to the increasing price of gasoline. Using ethanol as a replacement for gasoline is one possibility. There is no such thing as a free ride though.

As with most decisions there are pros and cons that come along with such a choice. The more acreage devoted to corn means less acreage devoted to other grains. This will and has increased the price of other grains.

An amateur investor would miss this important aspect and dive head first into investing in corn. The professional investor would weigh the impact of this event and project ahead its consequences. The market-savvy investor would realize that farmers would reallocate their land.

In other words, farmers are not going to buy new land to plant more corn. Farmers instead will use the land they already own and plant more corn and reduce the plantings of their other crops. This will reduce the supply of the other crops which would mean higher prices for those crops in the long run because of less supply.

This important fact offers phenomenal profit opportunities for the average person provided they learn how to take specific steps to realize this money. Learn to properly position yourself to ride this profit train and you can earn hefty profits. There is no limit to the amount of money this opportunity will produce.

This type of investing may seem complicated at first. It is like learning to ride a bike. In the beginning it seems harder than it looks but after some practice you can hop on without much thought. The same is true for investing in commodities.

Investing in commodities looks complicated to the beginner but after some time spent involved in the markets, you can take cash out of this profit machine as often as you wish.

The biggest problems successful investors are having right now are when to take profits and how much to take. How would you like to have these problems?

By now you are ready to earn substantial profits from this information and more. There is money waiting to be made by you. As you think about this wealth opportunity, you now get anxious about getting everything you want. 

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