Making a Living From High Yield Investment Programs

This is probably one of the most asked questions we get. "Is it possible to Make a living off of HYIPs?" The answer to this question is both "Yes," and "NO". Let us explain.

"YES" people can make a living off of HYIP investing. If they have the skill the drive, and the ability to recover from major losses. In theory, it is possible and often times probable to make a good living ($20,000-$50,000) per year in the HYIP arena. The problem is however, that in order to do this, the investor needs to take a major risk. Without the financial backing in case of bad investment decisions, many individuals do not and should not even consider making HYIP investing a career. This brings us to why this question can also be answered "NO".

"NO" people can not make a living off of HYIPs unless they are extremely skilled, and are already in a good financial situation. This can be said however for stock market and bond market investing as well. If you have half a million $'s then sure, you can live off of the earnings you make in the stock and bond markets, or turn to the more risky HYIPs to earn even higher returns.

The point of this article is to show that usually if you are looking to make a living on HYIPs, then you probably won't (and should not) be able to do it without risking a very large portion of your assets. On the other hand, those people who have a great deal of money and are not looking to make a living since they have more then enough funds to live off of, are the people who can make a living off of HYIPs. If you are desparate and looking for quick cash, then you should not be investing large sums of money in this arena, however if you are wealthy and looking to increase your wealth and have fun, the HYIP arena may be right for you.

In conclusion, those looking to make a living in this arena are those that probably won't, while those people who are not looking to make a living in HYIPs are usually the ones who do, but don't need to. 

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