Medicare Supplement Leads Simplified

Finding Medicare supplement leads does not have to be complicated. There are generally two major methods of generating Medicare supplement leads that can turn into a profit. These are direct mail leads and Internet leads. By understanding how each one works you can determine which method will be more practical and effective for you.

Types of Leads

Direct mail is the traditional method used in generating Medicare supplement leads. With this method, bundles of cards are sent to people's mailboxes in a target area. Those homeowners who are interested in learning more about what you have to offer reply with updated contact information. It is then up to you, the salesperson, to follow up on these Medicare supplement leads and set up appointments that will hopefully end in sales. You must invest in the design, copy writing and postage for these cards if you hope to get a response.

Purchasing internet Medicare supplement leads is slightly different. When you register with a Medicare leads generation service, you gain access to a long list of prospects almost immediately. There is no need to wait for reply cards to be returned and there is no risk of precious Medicare leads getting lost in the mail. You are free to pursue those Medicare supplement leads and set appointments as soon as possible. There is a fee required for access to these hundreds of Medicare supplement leads, but you don't have to spend as much on marketing.

You can also become an affiliate agent of an online group that offers access to Medicare supplement leads. You can not only lean on the credibility of an established agency, but you can benefit from incentives. Training and support are available to help you succeed, and this is taking it a step further than simply handing Medicare supplement leads to you.

Investing in Online Leads

A direct mail Medicare leads campaign might be lucrative if you are ambitious enough and have exceptional marketing talents or a quality marketing team to execute the campaign. If you are determined to close sales at a more rapid pace, purchasing leads online is likely to be a better investment of your time and money.

Another reason why buying Medicare leads on the internet or joining an organization might work better for you is the fact that more and more people are paying less attention to registered mail and spend more time online. When it comes to insurance, prospects are more than likely to do some comparison shopping at the computer than they are to fill out a reply card and get send it back. Internet lead generators find these people for you and let you know who they are.

Doing things online is simply faster. It takes a lot less time from the moment a prospect expresses an interest and the time that you find out about their interest. Finding out about your Medicare supplement leads faster means that you can respond faster. Responding faster means setting more appointments. More appointments can mean a lot more closed sales. 

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Author: Dennis Foreman

The author is an a fifty-something Boomer who has experienced most of the issues he writes about. After working his way through college selling medical insurance door-to-door Dennis was the chief executive of several technology companies both in the  . and abroad. Currently he provides web design and content services to numerous companies under the name Pontarae Web Productions. 

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