Mortgage Insurance Leads

Mortgage insurance leads can make a remarkable difference in how much revenue you can generate. Leads are a common way for insurance and mortgage companies to drum up additional business. The idea is that if the customers don't come to you, you go to them with telemarketing.

Now just calling anyone won't lead to very good results. You may call a hundred people and not get a single conversion. But here is where leads come into play. A lead is a targeted person who is in a position to accept your sales offer.

With insurance leads, you can target clients who are in a position to actually purchase insurance. You can purchase leads from online lead generation companies who specialize in collecting such information.

Now, the best insurance leads will always have the best conversion rates. The best leads will be fresh mortgage leads. Fresh leads are basically leads that have never been called by another insurance company. This means the lead information has not been sold to other companies. As you can imagine, the conversion rate is very high with this type of lead. With new mortgage insurance leads, you can expect around a 20% conversion rate.

Now, you can also opt to get aged insurance leads. Ages leads are usually about 6 or so months old and have been targeted by other mortgage firms. Because they have been targeted before, they may not be very receptive to your sales pitches. However, you will get some conversions - around 2-4% because some of the leads will now be in a position to purchase mortgage insurance. 

Mortgage insurance leads can really expand your business profits. Don't forget to look at related leads such as reverse mortgage leads for additional sales. 

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