Personalized Bank Checks

If you want to find a unique way to express yourself, consider personal checks. At first thought, these bland instruments used for withdrawals and deposits might seem the unlikeliest of places to show your true colors. But checks have come along way since their inception, and have become a colorful showcase of every design you can imagine, and an ideal way to communicate your personality.

If you've got the proverbial green thumb, there is a line of checks with floral designs that is sure to meet with your taste. You can choose from one of the many flowers that check designers make available for purchase or choose to have a custom design if you have a particular flower in mind. The floral designs extend to every part of the check, even embellishing the signature line itself.

Sports fans have a wide variety of check designs from which they can choose as well. These include football, baseball, fishing, bowling-you name it. If there is a sport of some kind out there being played somewhere, you can have your checks designed with that sport in mind. Sports designs are available for everything from college to professional sports as well.

Checks can be personalized in many other ways as well, such as to communicate a personal cause with which you are associated. If you are affiliated with a charity or other non profit organization such as an animal rescue for example, you can personalize your checks with designs reflecting the work that your organization does. You never know what kind of results you may get from this simple, yet powerful marketing effort. Someone could see your check design and decide to offer support to your cause in some way, or give you a call to ask for more information.

If you're environmentally conscious, what better way to make people conscious about your cause than to use paper checks? Checks can be made from recycled paper these days and you can express a variety of colorful "green" themes on your checks, such a geographies or endangered species. Quietly and subtly these checks will help to raise awareness of the environment to everyone who receives them.

People who have faced death and lived to tell about it can use checks to tell their own personal story as well. For example, survivors of terminal illnesses have their own stories to tell, and some of them use personal checks to communicate these messages. Those who support our military troops on the battlefield have had checks imprinted with photos of soldiers as well, and helped to convey patriotism and raise awareness of our men and women in harm's way.

Not all check themes have to be so serious. Perhaps you're the kind of person who is joyful and whimsical and would like to use your check to help make someone's day. You would be interested to know that Disney has a whole line of checks featuring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the whole host of Disney characters. These characters can from many of the Disney films that we all love and adore, both current films and those from years past. You can use one of these designs for your checks and help bring a smile to someone's face.

You can go even one more step to personalize your checks. You can add family photos to them. Many companies will allow you to create a whole series of checks composed of five family photos. When one check design is used up, move on to the next. In this way, through the succession of checks and family photos, you can subtly tell your family story to the people who receive your checks. You can go online to change the photos you wish to use and you're not limited to people designs-pet photos will work just as well.

Remembering, personalizing checks is not about being quirky or cute. It's a way of communicating a message about you and your business. As such, it can be as useful and as important a marketing tool as your business cards or stationery, while making others smile along the way. 

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