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Considered some of the finest timepieces made during the early part of the the 20th century, Angelus watches live on in memory and legend. Known for creating some of the finest timepieces in Switzerland at the time, the Angelus watch company was founded in 1891 by two brothers in the Swiss watchmaking town of Le Locle and quickly developed a reputation for being bold and fresh in their styling as well as being accurate and precise with their movements and watch mechanisms as seen in their various exceptional pocket and wrist watches.

Perhaps the most signature of all Angelus watches, the one that would essentially personify the vision of the watch company was its Chronodato line. With its swiss made, 17 Jewel Angelus 217 manual wind movement and attractive yellow gold or polished stainless steel accents, these watches were at one point in time some of the most popular timepieces in the market and undoubtedly the company's top-selling watch line.

With limited numbers as well as great feature, its a wonder these timepieces are still finding themselves atop some collector's listings. Many Angelus Chronodato watches can be found still for sale with complicated movements and fine looking dials. Eight day watches, chronographs, day/date, moon phase and alarm functions can all be found at extremely modest prices.

Unfortunately given the lack of a market and the difficulty of securing financial backing, the Angelus watch company, as with many other fine watchmakers, lost out to the popularity and affordability of quartz watches and the company was forced to shut its doors for good in the early 1980s, leaving behind a legacy of great luxury watches and a name that would live on through them.

As with most watches that our out of manufacture, a high premium has been placed on them by collectors and watch enthusiasts alike. A working Chronodato in this day and age is worth a lot of money and it is a seller's market for rare luxury watches as it is.

Do you happen to own an Angelus watch? Why not take wonderful advantage of an opportunity to make some money? In a seller's market as it is now, it is no surprise to see rare vintage watches atop the list. It is no secret that Angelus watches are collector's watches; their value resting on their ability to appreciate in value and not being difficult to sell. Do not let such a valuable watch gather dust, see your investment take flight. 

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