The Options For Creating Business Checks

Checks always have a name and address printed on them, regardless of whether they're personal or business checks. Personal checks are easy to come by and have a straightforward form, but what if you need business checks? Some small businesses have been known to write out personal checks to employees from a business account instead of printing their own checks.

While some businesses use a payroll company to deal with creating business checks, others print their own and manage their own payroll in human resources. For the latter, a large amount of checks are needed, especially for a company with one hundred or more employees. If you're looking for proper business checks, two options are available, including manual and computer checks, and both are printed with a company's name, address, and logo.

Computer checks have become more common as companies do their own payroll. Computer checks, essentially, are a program that prints out everyone's checks with a set pattern, and the company isn't limited to a set amount in a checkbook. Computerized checks have the actual check and company deposit slip templates stored in a computer file, and, in turn, the company can print out as many checks with their name as they need. In addition, as QuickBooks is a popular program for payroll, some computerized checks are designed to be compatible with the program.

Manual checks are still an option for businesses. A set of manual checks come in a book, with each check printed with the company's name and address. One of these books generally has 300 to 500 checks printed for your business. In addition to the book of checks, deposit slips and a book to keep tabs on invoices is included in with a set of manual checks.

When ordering business checks, a printing company can assist with your order. As with all types of custom printing orders, business checks involve customizing a standard check with all of the information, and perhaps logo design, for your company. 

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