Ways to Boost Your Internet Reverse Mortgage Leads

Internet Reverse Mortgage leads differ in ways, but should be treated with the same urgency as any lead. Unlike direct mail leads, internet prospects are usually making their own efforts to gather information. They have heard about Reverse Mortgages from friends or from advertisements, and are looking online for further information. They have filled out a contact form on a lead generating website, or on your personal website. These are extremely hot leads. They have contact you, or your lead service, with a request for immediate information. These hot leads must be treated as such.

Any lead that comes off of the internet needs to receive a return email as soon as possible. You can use an auto responder or send the email yourself, but it is paramount that any person that visits your site with a request for info receives a return email immediately. Once this email is sent, the first contact should be made in a businesslike time frame. Immediate telephone contact is preferable. Now, it also important to remember that the majority of the leads that come into your site have also contacted several other sites. You goal for success is to make sure that these prospects can see your products and your incentives as quickly as possible.

Whether it is direct mail leads, internet leads, or call-ins from other advertising avenues, you should have a pre-prepared set of materials to send to each lead. You should always have an email packet ready to go at the drop of a hat. This should include estimates, Good Faith Estimates, some information about your lender, some information about yourself and your company, and all of your contact info. Along with this, it may help to include examples of past cases and testimonials. These are extremely effective in differentiating your company from others that may be in contact with the prospect. Of course, many individuals still do not have or do not feel comfortable using the internet so you should definitely have all of the above information ready to be sent out via mail or fax. It may be helpful to set up a template of information that you wish to give to every prospect, and then fill in the client's particular information quickly and efficiently.

Speed and information are the two keys to maximize Reverse Mortgage Leads. Most people at this point have had information about the product, or have heard about it, so the best thing you can do to get the most business from your leads is to give direct answers and rapid information. Immediate telephone contact and support through email and printed materials will maximize your earning potential through Reverse Mortgage Leads. 

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